A Village

Alex Markovich. “A Village”.

The residents of the little village had not the slightest suspicion that very soon the world as they knew it would abruptly end, without a shred of evidence that it had ever existed.

If one were to ask any dweller of this village who he is, where he came from and what expectations he/she had for the future – he/she either would not, or more likely, could not answer any of these questions. Their pat response was that the mission of the first one is to be a farmer, the second one – a cattle-breeder, the third one – a blacksmith, and so on.

Nobody was interested in anything beyond the confines of the village. Just a few were attending the local church, and if they were asked why – they would tell you, “it should be so”. The dwellers of the village were almost never sick, had no wars – they lived for the sake of their own pleasure. And suddenly the village disappeared.

There was no flood, no earthquake, nor fire nor war. The village with all its inhabitants has just disappeared. Just vanished without a trace.

How could this be?

It happened because a twelve year old boy named Peter bought a new CD. He was tired of the old game – within two months he has completed all the stages and levels. And the game was becoming boring.

A whole new world was waiting for Peter: a world which must be discovered and investigated; but within its turn, will also sink into nothingness, when Peter grows tired of the game.